So long and thanks

hey, long time no update, well a lot to do, workwise and freetime wise

I updated a lot of pics, La Palma, Berlin and so on.
Berlin on flickr
La Palma on flickr

Some other news: some pics took will be on posters all over Munich! They are for the open day of my workplace, more to come soon, you should check out where I work!
Here is the link to the invitation with one of the two Posters: Fortiss Open Day

Watch out!

Watch out for updates tomorrow! I will go through my pics and show some new ones and maybe keep some old ones, so watch out!

And a tip for you: before you take your camera out, check the batteries, otherwise you end up just taking a walk with it :)

While you are waiting, there is a nice site you might like:

Alternative Photography

They offer various book tips and how to create stunning prints.

Server Update! hopefully working!


Picked up a new theme. Unfortunately not everything is working though, because I would need to buy some plug-ins, well not now...
Hmm, found some old films, my dad with about 13 and then when my parents had their honeymoon. Just had a day in the darkroom and made some prints. Well here is one negative scan.


Also, on another black and white film class we were supposed to take a high key image, here it is: