life goes on

So time passes, and life goes on and stuff happens. I got a new lens, the 50, 1.4, yay! But the AF did not work with the F60, and as I am doing a lot of cat pics, and the move a lot, I thought it might be better to have the AF from time to time, so, I got the F80 on ebay, and I am quite surprised, was not too expesive and the main advantage, it is very quiet, when taking a pic and moving the film.

I had another portrait course, and I took the F80 with me, here is one result (also self developed film):

Other addition, the
Lomo Sprocket Rocket panoramic analog camera, still waiting on the first film, and will present the results pretty soon.

Also have another darkroom course going on, playing around, and getting better, results will be posted soon too.


Well, it is kinda long time ago, since I updated, well I created the page during my vacation and since then, I have not had the time to update, well I try now.
I will take some courses: some portrait courses and one analog darkroom. Well I hope I will learn and can present some more work here.

There are so many things....

and so man pages, blogs and so on. Well so I guess I will do one too. But mainly to show you my work in the means of pictures. Some will be interesting, some might be boring. Some will be bad, some will be great. But they all will hopefully leave some kind of expression on you and I will always be glad for some feedback.